Our fingers, our bodies have become blind. Our lives are lived in milliseconds.  A swipe. Our privacy has been breached. Our perception of time altered. We’ve rescinded intimacy.  Subverted patience, decency and trust. Yet here we are, standing at the precipice of a completely digital culture; a culture of convenience.  And we are eating it up.

Cosette seeks to disprove that this current pace of human and technological evolution is to be our everlasting norm.  Experiences, creativity, conversation - while meant to be consumed - should not be ephemeral or auto-corrected. They should not measured by click-throughs, likes, and emoticons.

COSETTE operates as an independent and multidisciplinary publisher of physical works representing creators in the fields of design, art, fashion and music.

Electronic mail

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studio[at]cosette dot tv

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service[at]cosette dot tv


513 449 0422
646 397 0871

If you must reach out to us via telephone please leave a detailed message and return phone number.  Someone will connect with you as soon as possible.


1429 Elm Street / unit C Cincinnati, OH 45202


As we are a publishing company we accept submissions in the areas of Arts, Culture, Fashion and Music. If you want to really capture our attention you will read our profile and reach out with a proposal letter via the good old fashioned post.  If you feel inclined to submit digitally, our general inquiry address is studio[at]cosette dot tv – However, we ask that you respect that we cannot offer feedback or respond to each inquiry.

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